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Personality is an influencer and a powerful leadership tool. It influences the way followers respond to situations, and ripples to how they act toward others. Today, we’re going to unravel with Matt Cubbler what it is like for someone with a strong personality to lead people forward.

“Once I was able to clear my heart and become more in tune with myself, people really tap into that and use my skillset to help other people find success.” – Matt Cubbler

Leading the Way in Service

Leading People Forward | Matt Cubbler 002Matt is dedicated to the selfless service of others. He served four years in the US Army as an intelligence soldier. He also spent 25 years as a veteran law enforcement officer.

In 2009, he stepped into the world of entrepreneurs. He started Maxout, a fitness-based gym and manufacturing business. Now, he is inspiring others to live their very best and to serve others, too.

An Unexpected Career Success

His passion to help others led him to the path of entrepreneurship. A non-conformist by nature, it was surprising how he managed to succeed in an environment that demands a certain degree of agreement.

“I was able to take my leadership skill sets and lead in a way that allows my anti-conformist nature to be strong enough to get other people to buy into my culture.” – Matt Cubbler

He took the initiative of leading others in situations when he was in charge. He led on his own terms, yet still within the realms of his department.

Leadership that Transforms Environments

His mom raised them on her own since their father left when he was 9 months old. He spent a lot of time on his own with an older brother who suffered from autism — the coolest autistic there is in the world to him. This sense of independence formed in him a strong personality and understanding of self.

“If I didn’t believe your talents were enough to get us through, I made sure people know it beforehand and we’ll have a conversation about that.” – Matt Cubbler

He became the kind of leader who would try to get to know his subordinates better. Today, he is on the move also to help young people transform their lives for the better through speaking in schools.

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