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employees strongly agree that their leaders are setting a good direction.


of employees strongly agree that their leaders are making them excited about the future of their company.


of employees strongly agree that their leaders are effectively communicating with the organization.

Source 2018: State of the American Workplace Report by Gallup

The 'Culture Eats

Strategy' Inspiration

Culture Eats Strategy was inspired by Peter Drucker who coined the phrase ‘Culture eats strategy for breakfast’ for a book he wrote where readers learn various techniques that will help them turn culture into a competitive advantage. He is one of the best-known and most widely influential thinkers and writers of the subject of management theory and practice.

One key idea Drucker is credited with creating is the concept of what eventually became known as ‘outsourcing’. He has been credited with saying that every company should have a ‘front-room’ and a ‘back-room’. Front-room activities should be engaged by the company to support its core business while the back-room activities should be delegated to another resource to help the company maintain focus on growth.

During a conversation with Jaime’s good friend Christopher Lochhead, host of Follow Your Different and co-author of Play Bigger and Niche Down, he recognized Jaime’s passion for discussing innovate ways to define culture. Christopher challenged him to be authentic and stop trying to be something he wasn’t.

While this excited Jaime, the fear of being himself seemed daunting. Gay Hendricks, author of The Big Leap, said “Feel the fear instead of pretending it is not there”. So, with unbridled direction, Jaime jumped at this opportunity. He immediately stopped the production of his previous podcast and planned for the launch of Culture Eats Strategy.

What is the

Show About?

You see, culture is the invisible hand, the true north that guides every organization. Unless you get your culture right, you will never get your company right. Every business leader focuses on a strategy that will make them better but forget to concentrate on building the culture.

Culture is way more than a mission statement. It is what informs every decision, action and reaction.

How do you build a legendary culture?

That is what Jaime unpacks every week as he discusses this powerful intangible.

Jaime Jay’s Motivation

Jaime knew he had to incorporate more of himself and by redefining this category through conversations, he began this epic journey. He wants to embrace each person’s differences rather than delivering strategies that make people think we are better than others.

Jaime has been podcasting for over four years and truly enjoys the medium. Due to his insatiable appetite for uncovering cultural concepts that instills confidence within his own staff, he reaches out to creative business leaders that want to share their stories. Jaime shares his own experiences and chimes in on the conversation with leaders from around the globe to address how Culture Eats Strategy every time.

Do not be surprised to listen to a few episodes without guests. As Jaime learns more from his own experiences and those of his accomplished guests, he is focused on delivering real life experiences to help you create a culture you can be proud of. Build a business that puts the people first. Not the strategies.

Who is Jaime Jay and What Does He Do?
Jaime is the managing director and founder of Bottleneck Virtual Assistants, LLC. The organization offers professional growth opportunities for ambitious leaders by creating an efficient and systematic approach to identify, hire and cultivate team members who focus on specific roles and responsibilities.