For another special episode, Jaime Jay of Culture Eats Strategy shares an important event in his life where he had to take a break from work. Surely, it is one of the most nerve-wracking event any entrepreneur would ever encounter. 

However, what Jaime shares to us today is how his team from Bottleneck Virtual Assistants step up and took on responsibilities to continuously operate the business. That is what an astounding culture is about!

066 Bottleneck Staff Stepping Up | Jaime Jay

Culture Eats Strategy

Jaime Jay believes culture goes way beyond any company strategy. He is a huge believer in enforcing and cultivating a positive workplace culture. In fact, he has been doing that in his business, Bottleneck Virtual Assistants.

“I do believe that if you do not have a culture that is surrounded by positivity, kindness and people on the team rooting for other people and trying to help them out the best that they can, going above and beyond job roles and responsibilities, then, that is in my opinion, not a good business. You will lose revenue because of this.” – Jaime Jay

Medical Emergency

Probably one of the biggest nightmares for anybody is to have a medical emergency, especially if one ailing parent is involved. Jaime was no exemption to this. He recalled in this episode the situation of her mother and how he had to fly to another state to attend to his mother’s operation.

He also observed how the medical professionals were attentively and proactively assisted his mother in the hospital. One that he attributes as another great company culture. He believes that if the company does not take care of its employees, they wouldn’t be able to take care of customers themselves.

Culture of Kindness

The BNVA Team stepping up the game

Jaime Jay shares how proud he is of the team. Everyone stepped up their game and performed their tasks and even went above and beyond what was expected from them. He believes that it is because of the culture of kindness within the company.

“As the leader of this organization, the buck stops with me. It is my responsibility to make sure that things happen in such a way that they are done with thoughtful, kind maneuvers — number one, good for the company, number two, good for the staff and number three good for our clients.”  – Jaime Jay

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