Today’s guest is Chris Tuff, author of USA Today bestseller The Millennial Whisperer. He shares with us today the importance of bridging the communication gaps between generations in the workplace, focusing on the world’s largest generation, the millennials.

Bridging Communication Gaps Between Generations | Ep. 053 Chris Tuff

The Millennial Whisperer

In Chris’ book, he offers research-based, time-tested strategies for bridging communication gaps between Millennials and the rest of the workforce.

Millennials will make up 75% of the workforce by 2030. Because of these, it’s crucial for employers to harness the strengths of this generation. This, in the end, aims to help develop strong leaders for future generations. 

“The greatest thing that is lacking within our walls is for, whatever reason, we have an inability to bring more empathy, more connection into the workplace. For the first time ever, we a generation that, not only craves it, but they require it.” – Chris Tuff

Further, in his book, Chris debunks myths about Millennials, while providing an in-depth look at generational stereotypes. He’ll share practical, real-world-tested solutions to better understand Millennials and effectively recruit, retain, and motivate this passionate generation.

The Struggle For Older Generations

Millennials are the biggest generation in the world today. They are characterized by the younger and old millennials, ranging from ages 23 to 37. They are oftentimes dubbed as self-entitled because they are products of “helicopter parents and participation trophies.” To put simply, the instant gratification generation.

However, Chris acknowledges leaders of today devote extra attention to millennials. He poses the questions: “what are all the things that we need to adapt to create a better environment for millennials? On the other side is, what do millennials need from us to be better leaders and humans?”

“Two sides, on the adaptation for us as leaders, it’s like one thing, at the end of the day, when your head hits the pillow, if you’re not completely exhausted by overly rewarding and recognizing your team of millennials and now Gen Zers and then you haven’t done enough.” – Chris Tuff

Creating a Conducive Environment 

One of the greatest challenges in writing his book was helping all business leaders across different industries. He shares that millennials, regardless of industry are looking for inspirational leadership, autonomy, and transparency.

He shares the “Deloitte Millennial Survey 2018” which states the key things that attract millennials to a company. These are: pay and benefits, positive work culture and work flexibility. 

Download and listen to Bridging Communication Gaps Between Generations to learn more. Remember to let Chris know you heard about him on Culture Eats Strategy with Jaime Jay!

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