Yakir Markowitz, the CEO of HIARC Roofing Service, joins us today to share how reliability and relationships helped to scale his business. He also shares how hiring a consultant helped him focus and how communicating effectively delivered better results to clients.

Opportunity Worth Pursuing

Focusing on Reliability and Relationships To Scale Your Business | 062 Yakir Markowitz

Yakir Markowitz is a husband and father of five kids. He considers his family his main source of strength to reach his long term goals. Prior to specializing in roofing, he worked with a friend in the construction industry.

In terms of scaling, hiring a consultant helped Yakir focus on which businesses to pursue. His consultant also helped him alleviate his micromanaging tendencies and taught him the importance of delegation.

“O.W.P. Opportunity worth pursuing. She doesn’t want you to push along doing business, trying to grow business, which is bound to fail.” – Yakir Markowitz, on advice he received from his consultant

Becoming Reliable

Yakir hired someone who went out and interviewed a couple of his clients. This person gained valuable customer feedback which helped him understand deeper his client’s needs. 

“The industry is looking for people that are reliable, in the sense that, first of all, that they could trust. There’s a lot of people out there, they’re just looking to just make a buck. They do that at the expense of their customers and their clients.” – Yakir Markowitz

Building Relationships

Yakir attributes his over two million dollars in gross sales during his first year to his relationships with clients. For instance, if a client’s roof doesn’t need fixing, he advises them honestly. This built trust among his clients and ultimately built relationships.

“Obviously, the goal is we build a relationship. We just don’t build roofs, I’d say we build relationships. The clients know, when they reach out to me, they know there is honesty and integrity.” – Yakir Markowitz

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