Growing a Business That Your Team Loves | Ryan Bonnici 012

Culture smashes strategy. Leaders can set up strategies but without core values and good company, they pretty much mean nothing. We dive into this with CMO Ryan Bonnici.

“Care personally and challenge directly.” – Ryan Bonnici

Geared for Success

Growing a Business That Your Team Loves | Ryan Bonnici 012Ryan is the Chief Marketing Officer at G2Crowd, one of the world’s largest business-commerce platform. They connect people to providers of services and tools.

They only had five people in the team when he started. Now, they have grown to about 30 people working together to create a worthwhile experience for clients.

Transparency in Service

Their platform works similarly with Amazon. People from around the globe leave reviews on their website to help inform potential buyers. The traffic they receive on their website largely come organically.

“Make sure people know where the bar is. If they have ideas and things that take the bar higher, amazing. Do it. I love that.” – Ryan Bonnici on openness to ideas

Getting the Team to Work Together

Ryan only started working with them last year. He worked with some of the most innovative companies, including Salesforce and HubSpot. According to him, culture is a big part of their growth.

“The bigger you get, the more you need that cohesive framework to connect everyone.” – Ryan Bonnici

It is critical that everyone on the team is in the same direction. He meets with the team regularly and encourages them to make their own decisions as befits their roles in the company.

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