Brandon Vaughn shares to us in this episode how he grew his business from zero to over 70 employees, with revenues down from $8k/mo to over $450k/mo, in just 6 seasons. He believes this is achievable for any aspirating entrepreneur, through implementing systems and creating a positive company culture.

From Zero to Hero

Growing Your Company Through Systems and Culture | Ep. 045 Brandon Vaughn

Most entrepreneurs consider implementing systems and processes as the bane of their existence. Brandon Vaughn thinks otherwise. He runs his company Automate Grow Sell, which aims to assist small businesses to systemize and scale their businesses. Brandon helps SMEs by offering personalized mentorship and training programs.

He made the decision of purchasing the company from his ailing father, who previously ran the company by himself. However, when he started his business, he admits he does not know the importance of systems and culture.

“As I was growing my business from 0 to 60, I experienced all the pain and suffering and different breakthrough points. I didn’t realize how important systems were, and I really didn’t realize how important culture was” – Brandon Vaughn

Culture Makes Employees Stay

Brandon recounts how he started with his company, where he found himself losing half of his employees in a span of one month. This event made him realizes his failure to place emphasis on culture.

“One of our focus is we started switching up was, helping our employees fulfill their dreams. That sounds really cliche, but if you help enough other people to get what it is that they want in life, then you can have anything that you want in life.” – Brandon Vaughn

There’s a high turnover of employees involving the young generation. By addressing this fact, a company can then focus on creating a training system where the company serves as a stepping stone for an employee’s future goals. Moreover, company owners can invest more heavily into the culture and positive work environment and culture

Systematic Sourcing and Training 

Brandon’s company has a very systematic process of hiring and training. They bury their phone number in the job post to weed out applicants who cannot follow instructions. Moreover, they do ask the applicant to leave a voice message and receive further instructions via voicemail. 

The employers sit down, interview the applicant and explain the Dream Manager program. The applicant must be aligned with the core values of the company, before heading to a robust 2-week training. There is also a 30, 60 and 90-day evaluation where they get to evaluate themselves based on their work. 

“The happiest employees are ones whose boss really creates clear expectations and clearly defined goals.” – Brandon Vaughn

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