Fun, young and active entrepreneur Chris Meade joins us today for another exciting discussion on culture. He runs a remote-based business CROSSNET and we talk about how he creates a fun working environment for his millennial workforce. 

A New Way To Play

How A Young Entrepreneur Launched Remote-Based Business CROSSNET | Ep. 69 Chris Meade

Chris Meade is the co-founder of CROSSNET, the world’s first four-way volleyball game. CROSSNET combines elements of the childhood game four square and volleyball in a competitive game to 11, win by 2. CROSSNET is now available at Walmart, Target, DICKS, Academy Sports, Amazon, and 20+ other retailers.

Three years ago, Chris, his brother and their good childhood friend, Mike, came up with the idea of a 4-way volleyball game. They started researching on competitors and found out they will be the first to officially launch the idea.

“So when this idea came to us, we started bringing out the model. We got 2 nets from Walmart, tied them together and we had our friends over, like ‘wow this is actually something really cool.’ So from now on, we will launch the company. With just some cash in our bank account and we scaled it to be a nationwide brand.” – Chris Meade

Challenges In Growing

Chris shares about trial and error strategy while they were starting. He mentions about order fulfillment and production as one of their challenges. 

“I had sales skills from my days, corporate America, reaching out to people. My brother is really good at social media, has been doing that for years. My partner, Mike is an engineer by training. We all had different skill sets, which leads us not to step into each other’s toes and having autonomy.” – Chris Meade

In terms of culture, Chris defines it as “ the way people treat each other with respect and how they treat each other within the company.” He is proud to say that they are a young, fun and active company and that translates to their culture as well. 

Leveraging Remote Work

At the moment, they have 20 people working remotely. They have department heads who supervise freelancers. He also shares that weekly, they write down things that eat up their time to enable them to identify tasks that they need to outsource.  

“One thing that we do better with a lot of young entrepreneurs: identifying our weaknesses. I’m not a graphic designer. I know it’s going to take me 40 hrs in Photoshop to create some pretty cranky logo. I might pay for somebody else for their 2 hrs and have it done quicker and better.” – Chris Meade

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