Culture doesn’t have to be constrained to an office. In today’s episode, entrepreneur Mario Nawfal talks about how much he values having virtual assistants, how he deals with communication and how he was able to manage different companies remotely.

“Culture could be anything as long as it’s not a negative culture, as long as it’s not toxic and as long as it’s right for the team members that you need in the company.” – Mario Nawfal

Froothie International

Mario enjoys the challenge of building businesses that scale globally. He launched first venture, Froothie International, at the age of 21 with less than $500 in the bank. It grew to 7 figures within 12 months and 8 figures within 2 years.

He is also the founder of Athena Group of Companies, a business conglomerate that operates in more than 40 countries. Other companies that he partnered and founded are: International Blockchain Legal LLP, CEO of IBC Group, and IBA Group, IBI Ventures and IGC Group.

Dealing with Communication

A lot of people like to have an open office where they can communicate with everyone. Some find it difficult and don’t know how to start.

Mario said that their basis of communication is by empowering his people to speak. He doesn’t want to waste someone’s time if that person doesn’t have to be there.

“When communicating, keep it on a need-to-know basis, keep the communication sharp, and keep an agenda there. The fewer people involved, the better.” – Mario Nawfal

Culture in Managing Different Companies

A culture can be built in so many ways. According to Mario, everyone should know the importance of delegating and having the right people to delegate it to.

He believes that a culture is about building relationships. Having a personal connection to your people means that you respect and trust them.  

“Delegating is a skill. You have to master that skill to be able to scale.” – Mario Nawfal

He values having virtual assistants and believes that they can change your business if you train and manage them right.

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