How to Achieve More by Doing Less | Ari Meisel 008

Entrepreneurs get more done when they are replaceable. It means they have efficient systems in place that empower them and their team to proceed to the next level of growth. Tune in to this insightful conversation with Ari Meisel of Less Doing.

“If you replaced everything that you’re doing, now you can focus [better] — that’s how a company grows with unlimited resources and with true innovation. And it’s so exciting to see that happen.” – Ari Meisel

Work Smarter, Not Harder

How to Achieve More by Doing Less | Ari Meisel 008Ari is the bestselling author of The Replaceable Founder. He is a CEO, real estate developer, green building consultant and a graduate of The Wharton School of Business in Pennsylvania. His discoveries on productivity have helped improved many lives.

His Less Doing More System offers entrepreneurs and small business owners tested methods of optimization, automation, and outsourcing. The goal is to learn how to work smarter instead of harder.

Getting Past Culture Rip

Ari used to co-own a virtual assistant company. His friend ran the tech side of things while he focused on the clients. On their first year, they earned a million dollars in revenue.

But the succeeding year proved rather challenging. Their culture gravitated toward the negative and divided them. Weeks after, however, Ari rose with a reawakened brand and with a more efficient system.

Efficiency in the Workplace

He loves his work and the people that he gets to work with. Not to mention, the system he created has helped remove bottlenecks in businesses.

“By empowering people and not managing them and not interfering with them and giving them all the resources that they need in order to do 10x the work a normal person will be able to do, they’ll feel so much ownership of what they can actually accomplish.” – Ari Meisel

There are many systems for growth. But, where Ari stands out is his focus on the actual constraints. He helps people to identify the things that are holding them back from their goals in business.

Download and listen to How to Achieve More by Doing Less to learn more about systems and culture. Remember to let Ari know you heard about him on Culture Eats Strategy with Jaime Jay!

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