How to Deal with People Leaving a Close-Knit Organization | Vincent Pugliese 043

Vincent Pugliese joins us today to discuss the culture within Total Life Freedom—an exclusive, intimate mastermind of generous entrepreneurs and freelancers building a life of money, time and location freedom.

Total Life Freedom

How to Deal With People Leaving a Close-Knit Organization | Vincent Pugliese 043

Vincent and his wife Elizabeth homeschool their three sons, often traveling for months at a time to explore, learn and connect. In fact, Vincent was in a California beachside when he envisioned Total Life Freedom.

Total Life Freedom is an application/invite-only community for entrepreneurs who wants to collaborate and connect with like-minded individuals. The members have weekly meetings and a live 1-Day Masterminds retreat. 

Vincent is also a keynote speaker and an upcoming podcast host of Total Life Freedom.

The Meeting of Minds

The term mastermind was first popularized in the book Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill. Mastermind was defined as “a community meeting of multiple minds who bring unbiased feedback, encouragement, and support along with a growth mindset to help elevate everyone in the entire group.” 

“Generosity is the key. We want people who are helping each other. When there are down times and you want to reach out, we will be there for you because it’s lonely being an entrepreneur.” – Vincent Pugliese

Vincent says there are a lot of mastermind groups, who are focused on achieving different goals, but it comes down to the culture. He prides himself as someone who loves change and is challenged by it. It is no different when he has to deal with people coming and leaving the group.

People Come and Go

The hardest part of handling a group who pays membership fees is seeing people go. Vincent tries his best to view it on a personal level instead of from a business perspective. He has invested time and energy in helping members and it is devastating to see them go.

“My job is to create a culture as good as possible so they don’t want to leave, not to make them feel bad for leaving.” – Vincent Pugliese

Vincent added that you cannot run the masterminds without being personal. Another challenge he faces when people leave is how to explain it to the other members. 

How to Cope with Exiting Members

A masterminds leader understands that people leave as the seasons change. Each time somebody leaves, it is an important opportunity to ask oneself what can we do to make the group better. He contemplates how to make the replacement for this person better, so the remaining members are not getting less value.

“I get their pulse with what they’re struggling or what they want to grow with. We do niche calls outside the individual groups.”  – Vincent Pugliese

Aside from coping, Vincent shares the value of keeping things fresh within the organization to keep the remaining members motivated.

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