Processes are key for scaling a business, but what happens when an employee quits? Serial entrepreneur Gabe Arnold shares his journey and lessons in leadership.

“Unless you start to think outside yourself, you’re just going to play all around, cause problems and hurt other people.” – Gabe Arnold on taking a different look at business

Content Creation for Businesses

How to Grow a Profitable Business with Your Employees | Gabe Arnold 021

Gabe founded with a mission to help small business owners reach their audience through content. He started building websites for clients as a freelancer, and later also accommodated their needs for content.

Now, his company has grown to a team of 50 remote workers. He developed a recruitment system to find qualified writers. They are team members that are not only highly skilled but are also compatible with their company culture.

Where Culture Defeats Talent

Gabe believes in hiring for culture fit and not just for expertise. For two and a half years, he had a very talented employee. They pushed for products and process.  

“As I started to shift and grow, I realized that I really wanted to have a team of people around me that I cared about — people who also cared about me and our customers.” – Gabe Arnold

Not soon and in the middle of the night, that employee suddenly quit. The experience left Gabe with an unforgettable lesson on culture. For awhile after, he filled in the position until he found someone new.

Signs an Employee Is a Culture Misfit

What are the key indicators that an employee is hurting your company culture? According to Gabe, among them are arrogance and an unteachable spirit.   

“They actually quit because I asked them to live up to the same standards that they held everybody else to.” – Gabe Arnold

Such employees cannot hold themselves accountable to the same standards, even simple ones like being punctual. In the beginning, they could be very on point with what they can offer. But in the end, they fail to deliver what they said they would. 

Download and listen to How to Grow a Profitable Business with Your Employees to learn more. Remember to let Gabe know you heard about him on Culture Eats Strategy with Jaime Jay!

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