Negotiations are part of scaling a business. Today, negotiations specialist Derek Gaunt discusses how leaders can win their team to the desired result. He also shares ways to ask questions that empower teams to move.

“Anytime that you’re engaged in a conversation and you are driving for a ‘Yes’ from the other side, you are in a negotiation.” – Derek Gaunt

Ego Authority Failure

How to Negotiate a Buy-in for Change | Derek Gaunt 037

Derek is the author of the Amazon Best Seller, Ego Authority Failure. He is a 29-year law enforcement veteran who spent the majority of his career negotiating in hostage situations. People from Washington DC, metropolitan area may recognize him as one of the most respected hostage negotiation leaders.

He took his knowledge and expertise and joined Black Swan Group as trainer and negotiations coach. With over 17 years of experience, he provides negotiations and leadership training to corporate, government and law enforcement personnel around the world.

Negotiation Practices for Business

Interpersonal communication has been a big part of Derek’s career as negotiations specialist. According to him, hostage negotiations are probably the most difficult conversations on the planet. It requires the skill of talking with people and moving them to the desired direction.

“The practices in hostage situations can be applied to almost every difficult conversation.” – Derek Gaunt

What if you handled the other side with the same level of deference and self-subordination to a hostage-taker? Derek asks this question when entering a difficult conversation. The same is applicable to business.

Tips for Negotiating a Buy-in

Derek emphasizes the need for leaders to engage with their teams. A successful buy-in encourages a team to move to change.

“Any person on the planet will do anything for you if they feel like it.” – Derek Gaunt

The challenge for the leader is in making their teams feel like surrendering to the cause. Asking the right questions can be a good start.

Download and listen to How to Negotiate a Buy-in for Change to learn more. Remember to let Derek know you heard about him on Culture Eats Strategy with Jaime Jay!

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