Creating a team of culture is totally predictable says our present guest Arthur Carmazzi. There are psychological foundations happening all the time. Join us in our conversation and learn to predict how people act and react to each other in teams.

“If you know what small modifications to make, you can change the way that people behave around you.” – Arthur Carmazzi

Gamifying Work Processes

How to Predict High Performing Teams | Arthur Carmazzi 005Arthur ranks among the most influential thought leaders in leadership and organizational culture. He is also a bestselling author and the founder of the Directive Communication Psychology.

His unique game-based approaches have influenced the training and leadership development industry. They have visible ROI on effective behavior modification, engagement, and productivity. Their team has helped improve the lives of people in 18 different countries.

The Impact of Company Culture

It all began when he decided to build his own business. He left a high-level position in a company, took all of his money, and borrowed about $500 million. But a year and a half later, he became broke and in debt.

“It was one of these things when you’re in it and you don’t realize what has happened, and you start to kind of think life sucks.” – Arthur Carmazzi on the need for awareness

He got a job in a multi-national company. But there was one problem — blaming in the workplace. Four months later, he started blaming others, too. He got in the culture even without realizing it.

Identifying the Real Culprit

Perspective changed when he decided to talk to one of his workmates. They were, as he discovered, also humans with some form of standards. They were only drawn into the culture like him.

“It’s not that easy to look and say, ‘Wow! Maybe it’s not the people; maybe it’s something bigger.'” – Arthur Carmazzi

Blame, he tells us, damages everything including trust, creativity, and engagement. The psychological damage is too great in doing something that you know is going to give a better impact.

Download and listen to How to Predict High-Performing Teams to learn more. Remember to let Arthur know you heard about him on Culture Eats Strategy with Jaime Jay!

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