How to Scale with a Culture of Opportunity | Mark Monchek 017

Does your company have the qualities to be successful in this age of disruption? In this episode, strategist and bestselling author Mark Monchek tells how you can develop a culture of opportunity that can help to make your business become profitable.

“Culture has to be evolutionary; it cannot be static.” – Mark Monchek

Growth Opportunities, Great Companies

How to Scale With a Culture of Opportunity | Mark Monchek 017

Mark is passionate about helping leaders build great companies. He has worked with leaders from Google, Apple, Warby Parker, Goldman Sachs, and Etsy among others.

Their team loves to discover and develop opportunities that allow companies to become profitable and sustainable. They believe in the power of passion and of experiences that make a difference.

One Powerful Business Tandem

Mark saw many examples of strategies that failed. They never made it because they did not take culture into consideration. According to him, culture and strategy go together.

“Great strategy evolves from the culture.” – Mark Monchek

An example is Zappos, a leading online retailer of shoes. They are more than a shoe company. Their strategy is built around the culture of happiness.

The idea is to provide customers with the best possible purchasing experience. The company also empowers their employees to make decisions. Not to mention, they provide a $5,000 bonus to those who choose not to join the company during the hiring process.

What Makes Companies Succeed

Culture is something which members of a team create together. Leaders are not the only people who create it. Members must also buy into that culture to turn it into a success.

“You have to co-create it.” – Mark Monchek on culture

According to Mark, part of what it takes to grow is a company’s success DNA. It points out the qualities or elements that worked for the company and those that failed.

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