Today, the serial entrepreneur and expert in remote hiring Nathan Hirsch sits with us. From a broke college kid, he tells us about how he uses his failures to succeed in eCommerce. Listen to know more about FreeeUp and their hiring/outsourcing process.

“You can always make more money, but you can’t get your time back.” – Nathan Hirsch

Failures to Millions

How to Sell Millions after Failures| Nathan Hirsch 034

Nathan is a 28-year-old serial entrepreneur and expert in remote hiring and eCommerce. He started his first eCommerce company out of his college dorm room selling on, where he had sold over $25 million worth of product online.

He started buying and selling textbooks. It wasn’t until he bridged out of his comfort zone and found the baby industry product that made his business boom. Nathan may have failed a lot of times, but that doesn’t stop him from reaching his dreams.


What he loves about his job is he gets to interact with all business owners in different industries and help people. Nathan has experienced good to bad hires from different platforms that is why he decided to create his own called FreeeUp.

They pre-vet their VAs for attitude, skills and communication then only allows the top 1% as they are focused on speed and quality.

“Having a culture when you have 3 VAs is a lot easier than when you have 50 VAs so I’m really keeping that.” – Nathan Hirsch

Hiring and Outsourcing

According to Nathan, they wanted to change the way they hire people. 20 years ago, the hiring process was totally in a different way until marketplace and the remote hire came around. He would ask himself, “How much money did we make?

How aggressive do I want to be?” Once he gets all the numbers, he then can decide whether to hire or not. Challenges would always be there as people can easily come and go.

“Don’t give up if you’re hiring. Just keep focusing on what you can control and improving the aspects of your business. You’ll eventually make some really great hires.” – Nathan Hirsch

Download and listen to How to Sell Millions After Failures to learn more. Remember to let Nathan know you heard about him on Culture Eats Strategy with Jaime Jay!

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