In today’s episode, the executive coach, speaker and host Andy Storch sits with us. The best way to live life is with intention and that is what he believes in. Listen as he tells you how focused he is in developing the people and their talent in working closely to culture.

“Leadership is highly contextual which means it is different in every company, different in every culture.” – Andy Storch

Live Life Intentionally

How to Turn Strategy into Action and Get Results | Andy Storch 033

Andy is an executive coach; consultant, speaker and host of The Talent Development Hot Seat and The Andy Storch Show. He is a proud husband and a father of two kids who is dedicated to living a happy, healthy lifestyle, getting the absolute most out of life and inspiring others to do the same.

He believes that the best way to live life is with intention so you can pursue your dreams and fulfill your true potential. Andy also helps leaders accelerate and grow their success through measurable improvements in their careers and business.

Advantage Performance Group

Advantage Performance Group is a small company with 25 partners or consultants around the country. They work with clients to connect them with great experiential learning programs to help them turn strategy into action and get their people doing the best work of their lives.

They ran training and development programs at big companies in areas like leadership development, sales training, business acumen and innovations.

“If you have the wrong solution, it doesn’t matter how you negotiate it as it comes down to asking questions.” – Andy Storch

Accelerating Results

According to Andy, he normally starts a conversation by asking a lot of questions. He will then explore possibilities in figuring out what recommendations and solutions he can offer to a client. He found out that having negotiations and a very strategic conversation will help in accelerating results.

“Giving people the ability to speak up and not punishing them for speaking their minds, for sharing ideas, for trying new things is so critical in culture today especially if you want to be seen as an innovative company”. – Andy Storch

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