Today, New York Times bestselling author and GuruMaker Inc. executive coach Harrison Monarth joins us to discuss the impact and influence executives can make in their environment by focusing on promoting a positive culture. 

The Guru of Top Level Executives

How Your Leadership Style Impacts and Influences Others | Harrison Monarth

Harrison Monarth is the executive coach at GuruMaker Inc. He is a leader in the field of developing key leadership competencies, executive presence, effective communication, and leadership influence. In the past, he held senior leadership positions in manufacturing, marketing, and organizational development.

Harrison’s international bestselling book Executive Presence-The Art of Commanding Respect Like a CEO was included in the top 10 business book list in Canada, Austria, and China. Harrison helps managers and leaders better understand their style and impact on others and in the end reach their business goals. 

“I do this internationally and the beauty is, the topic executive presence is very relevant whether you are in the US, Latin America, Asia.” – Harrison Monarth

Organizations Hire The Guru

Harrison Monarth has speaking engagements and clients internationally. He has been exposed not only in multi-cultural environments but to varying company cultures as well. Surprisingly, almost all organizations who hired him, share the same objectives of bettering their leaders.

Organizations want to learn about helping their leaders show up with more confidence, building their personal brand, having an impact on people and having influence.” – Harrison Monarth

Aside from adapting to the company culture and the environment of his clients, Harrison points out the importance of asking a lot of questions on the needs, challenges, and goals of the client. 

The Gap Between Intention and Impact

Based on Harrison’s experience, most of the time, the CEOs and the employees have misaligned values. Some CEOs have the best intentions in implementing a certain culture, but not necessary weighed in on the impact it may have on him/herself or the employees in general.

“As the CEO, you set the culture⁠—how you behave, what you communicate and don’t communicate. People are getting their cues from you. The root of this is the gap between intention and impact.” – Harrison Monarth

To cite an example, a CEO espouses the importance of feedback and yet is intimidated by responses from subordinates or likewise gives sugar coated remarks to employees. He points out that to be able to influence people, one must have a good grasp of how the company culture functions.

Download and listen to How Your Leadership Style Impacts and Influences Others to learn more. Remember to let Harrison know you heard about him on Culture Eats Strategy with Jaime Jay!

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