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Bottlenecks in businesses are almost always a challenge that comes from the top. How leaders control situations can make a ton of difference. I talk more about this with seasoned entrepreneur, Peter Sage.

“If you’ve got a problem with the business, it’s always a problem with the business owner.” – Peter Sage

Inspiring Leaders to Succeed

The Inside Track to Overcome Challenges | Peter Sage 009Peter has spent more than 25 years in growing fast-paced enterprises. He started his first business at the age of 17. In his career, he also served as a trainer for Tony Robbins.

He is now a world-class speaker, a bestselling author, and an elite level coach with a passion for excellent growth. His book, The Inside Track, has inspired people to conquer challenges and make change happen.

Culture Over Control

Name one challenge in your business. According to him, it is almost always a challenge that originated from the people in charge. They hold the responsibility of managing resources wisely.

“If the CEO is passionate about building culture rather than controlling a business, then you’ve got the basis for how to outmarket your competition.” – Peter Sage

They sometimes believe that they know everything. As a consequence, they end up becoming control freaks. But culture is the new competition, and it requires people to work together.

Win through Workplace Culture

Back in his early 20s, Peter had an assistant who taught him a very important lesson. That is to treat his staff right. Because if you do, they will do anything for you.

“Most CEOs I see are bottlenecking because they are trying to control the outcomes without trying to build a relationship with the people that are responsible for helping to create those outcomes.” – Peter Sage

He learned a lot more things in those many years. He learned the most valuable resources in business are the staff and the customers. And in that order.

Download and listen to The Inside Track to Overcome Challenges to learn how to transform your challenges into victories. Remember to let Peter know you heard about him on Culture Eats Strategy with Jaime Jay!

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