After seeing a disconnect between companies and engineering graduates, Businessman and Engineer Jon Breen of Breen Machine Automation proudly advocates for intentional employee development.

He shares with us today his career and life as an entrepreneur and his unique company culture comprised of different engineers from various fields. 

Focus on Company Culture

Jon Breen was a former client of the host, Jaime Jay. Both continued their positive communication because they share similar ideologies on company culture and entrepreneurship. 

Now in its third year of operation, Jon created Breen Machine Automation Services, offering fast, friendly, and tailored automation solutions to the global manufacturing industries. Breen Machine prides itself on intentional employee development and uniquely friendly customer service.

“Part of our focus in our culture is: you have to have some people skills. You have to be able to work well with people. Because we’re not hiring from within this industry, we can find that. We can find people who can serve customers in a way that they are not used to being served. Hopefully, in a much more comfortable and happy and friendly way. I think that’s a huge value.” – Jon Breen

Employers-Employees Disconnect 

Jon chose a career in engineering because he enjoys exploring and creating solutions to real problems. He also enjoys working with people in the industry to improve their automation. However, during his stint in the corporate world, he observed a disconnect between employers and employees.

“When I was starting out in the industry, I realized there was a huge disconnect between, where people come out of school and where people in the industry want to hire those people. They always want somebody with 5 years of experience.” – Jon Breen

Intentional Employee Development

Jon shares in this episode how he implements this program. For instance, they do not hire employees with 5 years of experience. Additionally, he hires engineers from adjacent fields and trains them into the role. So far, customers had been responding positively to this move. 

“Part of this is, each individual that I look at, I look and say, ‘What skills do you have? What talents do you have? Do you have a knack for anything specific?’ We only hire people with the right attitude.” – Jon Breen

Download and listen to intentional Employee Development to learn more. Remember to let Jon know you heard about him on Culture Eats Strategy with Jaime Jay!

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  1. Mike Sackmary on February 12, 2020 at 2:24 pm

    Man i liked this episode! As a recovering engineer I appreciated the experiences Jon talked about, because I’ve seen similar things. Another great podcast!

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