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Miha Matlievski, popularly known as the “Fail Coach,” joins us today to share the highs and lows of his career and what culture has to do with it. At present, Miha coaches entrepreneurs towards success through his project, Framework4Freedom. 

The Fail Coach

Onboarding, Coaching and Developing Employees Towards Success

Miha Matlievski is a business coach who experienced monumental personal failure in his life. He was bankrupt at the age of 30 and was close to committing suicide due to this.

After a year of slumping, Miha took charge of his life once again and built a startup. The business generated eight figures in less than a year.  Many publications in Slovenia approached him and his story went viral.

Regardless of these failures, Miha was able to forge an approach towards helping entrepreneurs and business executives find their personal success and fulfillment. 

Culture Enables You To Become “Premium”

For Miha, culture is about how the whole company vibes. Culture defines the values, the interactions and how the company functions as a whole. On the inside, culture is about how employees present themselves. On the outside, it is about understanding and knowing the “whys.”  

Miha underscores the importance of culture cultivation. He notes that, as with everything else, it should start from the top. If there is no clarity and guidance from the CEO, owner, entrepreneur — there will be more confusion and disconnect among the lower ranks of the company.

“If you cultivate the right culture, you’ll have much happier employees, more productive employees, happier clients, more brand awareness. You can position yourself into a more premium level because the whole company vibes with what the culture should represent.” – Miha Matlievski 


Miha has a website named Framework4freedom and he considers this as his way of giving back to entrepreneurs. Although he has a number of high-end clients with his business FailCoach LLC, he still believes that it is more challenging and fulfilling to work with new entrepreneurs.

“I have the freedom of time. I have the freedom of money. I have the freedom of choice ⁠— which for me is the ultimate freedom ⁠— and I chose to work with new entrepreneurs.” – Miha Matlievski

Miha believes that new entrepreneurs have a lot of inner demons to conquer, such as their fear of both success and failure. Further, he believes that with proper guidance and the right foundation, any entrepreneur could reach their level of success and fulfillment.

Download and listen to Framework 4 Freedom: Helping Entrepreneurs Reach Success to learn more. Remember to let Miha know you heard about him on Culture Eats Strategy with Jaime Jay!

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