Our guest today is Dan LeFave, a “No Excuse” prepare-for-success Coach and mindset engineer. He shares with us his amazing tips and tricks to achieve life balance. Since 2012, he’s helped entrepreneurs cut the time to achieve success and reach their goals and boost their productivity.

Gym Instructor to Life and Business Coach

No Excuses: Taking Ownership of Our Own Life Decisions For Success | 059 Dan LeFave

Dan LeFave has been featured in national publications including Business Magazine and Success Profiles Magazine, and interviewed on radio shows and podcasts from New York to the UK.

He actually started as a spinning coach in a fitness gym and he shares how the concept of “no excuses” started from there.

“I would sit there in the front of the class and say, ‘this class is all about you becoming a better person, better version of yourself’ and I said ‘there are no excuses in this class’ so if you come in and you have some excuses, I would actually invite them to leave.” – Dan LeFave 

No Excuses

Dan shares that the concept of “no excuse” is all about taking ownership. He believes that we’re all owners of our own lives, choices, and decisions. Furthermore, he shares that the second part of preparing for success is already innate for most people. They don’t realize that they’re actually doing it all the time.

“Why don’t we go into the future. Let’s look at your future self and see what that looks like and then let’s connect the dots, go looking backward and prepare. Who do I need to become? What do we need to do? Who do I need to study? What kind of practices and rituals and patterns and habits do I need to have to get to that place?” – Dan LeFave

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The Expectation Bridge

Dan shares his system and model which he teaches to clients called the “Expectation Bridge.” With this activity, Dan creates a mental exercise where you have to build it first in your mind, then your body and the environment both catches up. He believes that’s how it always works.

“You’re looking from your reality, you cross the bridge and say ‘Okay this is where I am. These are the things I know, these are the capabilities I have. Then go over to the other side and say okay ‘What does it look like over there? What does it feel like when I’ve achieved these when I have this business and the lifestyle the way I wanted?’” – Dan LeFave

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  1. Dan LeFave on November 13, 2019 at 10:46 am

    This show is full of nuggets that you can use immediately in your life and business. I say, don’t try to solve problems on your own, look over the shoulder of people how have already solved them and follow what they did.

    • culture on November 18, 2019 at 6:36 am

      Thank you so much Dan, glad to have you on the show!
      To our listeners/readers, we recommend Dan’s solution for taking ownership and having more time! http://www.danlefave.com/savetimenow

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