Commitment to your family and to yourself is no ordinary feat, especially if you are a budding entrepreneur. Richard Matthews, our guest today, shares to us how to perform at your peak through recreation and travel, as he is a successful entrepreneur on the road and a proud father and husband. 

Business on the Road

Richard Matthews started his business back in 2009 and it has morphed into Matthews Enterprises — a consulting service that helps authors, coaches, consultants, and service professionals. 

Over the last 10 years, Richard and his clients have sold over $2,000,000 worth of online courses and coaching. This is an amazing feat, considering he is living in an RV with his family and has been running his business on the road.

“I sold everything I own. After getting on the road, my business has grown 4x, which is cool and there’s some reason I think that happened.” – Richard Matthews

Routine is a Creativity Killer

In the process of thinking through some of that mindsets into growth, Richard shares to us how traveling greatly impacted his creativity. He says that living in a typical residence incites routinary living which leads to a routinary approach to life.

“You have a routine but when you’re life is a routine, your mental capacity is also routine. The way that you’re thinking and the stuff that you’re actually doing with your clients become routine because its the pattern you’re setting up with your life.” – Richard Matthews

Further, into this interview, he shares that when he moved into the road, it forced him to live in the moment, which is very important. He says that living on the road impacts his thinking and he is forced to strategize. 

“I think my copy has gotten better, my instructional design has gotten better, my ability to communicate with clients has gotten better and a lot of them is just practice in life when you’re constantly doing things, so I think, traveling has a lot of positive impact on my business growth.” – Richard Matthews

Permission to Play for Peak Performance

Richard also shares what he has been constantly telling himself, his staff and his clients: “you have to have permission to play.” He believes this is a huge activity that entrepreneurs often overlook for themselves or for their employees.

“We think of rest and recreation and stuff like that, as a benefit that you get yourself for working. Its a reward, I can earn it. That’s the wrong way to think about it. Recreation is not something that you reward yourself with. Recreation is the foundation that you have to have to perform at your peak.” –  Richard Matthews

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