Power for Your Company’s Strength | Rocky Romanella 007

How do you empower your company’s strength? How do you guide your staff members forward, while making sure they are happy with their legacy? These are the questions that we try to answer with Rocky Romanella.

“The strength of the company is its people. It’s not the technology. It’s always about the people.” – Rocky Romanella

Winning with Global Corporations

Power for Your Company's Strength | Rocky Romanella 007Rocky served for more than three decades in global corporations. One of which was UPS logistics. From being a part-time worker, he became President and General Manager of its supply chain solutions.

He was involved in many aspects of the company’s growth. He took charge of developing strategies to increase their revenue and to achieve their goals in business.

Lessons from Small Businesses

His role at UPS gave him the opportunity to interact with wonderful people. They included small business owners who worked hard to keep their businesses afloat.

“Nobody is more ‘all in’ than a small business owner.” – Rocky Romanella

According to him, nobody understands profit and loss the way small business owners do. They pay their staff and others first and get by with what is left in their cash registers. It is from them that he learned the value of integration.

When he retired, he decided to give back to the community. He partnered with former UPS colleagues and started 3Sixty Management Services, LLC. Their expertise in thought leadership, leadership development, and process improvement have helped many businesses.

The Challenge with Team Structure

They had to overcome challenges, including team structure. He discusses that people join the company with their unique strengths. As time continues, they become part of the company’s foundation.

“Some of the better leaders that I dealt with were some of the leaders who could get their people to connect the dots.” – Rocky Romanella

But, their strengths can become their weakness. In the process, those in authority need to learn how to lead the people forward. It is important to allow people to hold on to who they are and where they came from.

Download and listen to Power for Your Company’s Strength to learn how you can guide people forward with their strengths. Remember to let Rocky know you heard about him on Culture Eats Strategy with Jaime Jay!

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