Is your company ready for growth? How do you instill confidence as a leader? Jonathan Cronstedt joins in this episode to discuss the things that have motivated and geared their company for rapid growth.

“No matter what the strategy is, ultimately it has to be implemented by a culture.” – Jonathan Cronstedt

Growing Businesses through Technology

Scaling with a Strategy-Ready Culture | Jonathan Cronstedt 013Kajabi celebrated their 8th anniversary this year. Since the conception of the company, they have generated $600 million dollars of sales.

Jonathan currently resides as the company president, helping businesses streamline their processes in selling online. He is a dedicated executive strategist with specialties in digital marketing, direct sales, EdTech, finance, and mortgage.

The Role of Culture in Strategy

Business owners are always looking to scale. The problem is, according to Jonathan, they become terrified when it is already happening. Whether their systems can handle the amount of success or not is important.

“Everyone has a strategy until they get punched in the mouth.” – Jonathan Cronstedt’s favorite quote by Mike Tyson

Strategy makes people excited. It gives them a good feeling about their assignments and responsibilities. And, culture plays a critical role in their implementation.

Culture is responsible for the strategy’s success. Jonathan poses two questions which business owners should ask themselves, “Is my culture ready for strategy? And, is my culture and strategy ready for scale?”

Success Indicators to Consider

He shares, “Strategy is a great gut check for culture.” It sheds light on whether a business has what it takes to accomplish it. Failure, frustration, and constant missing of targets tell that a team is lagging behind.

“There’s nothing worse in leading than being surprised.” – Jonathan Cronstedt

What are the areas that need improvement? Systems, according to him, can have flaws. These flaws will only get larger when leaders and their teams build on them.

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