Simplifying Big Management Decisions | Ed Eppley 041

Would you believe that most entrepreneurs, including CEOs, are having a hard time simplifying big management decisions? Life-long entrepreneur Ed Eppley talks about it and more in this conversation. 

“So often in business, the choice is not between right and wrong. It’s between one choice that has a set of consequences and another choice with another set of consequences.” – Ed Eppley

From Terrible Employee to Terrific Consultant 

Simplifying Big Management Decisions | Ed Eppley 041

Ed is a leading global expert in professional management, sales strategy, and performance management. He started an advertising agency and a manufacturer’s rep firm selling to the industrial and construction markets before creating Tyson Eppley Management, ProspeX, and The Eppley Group. 

He spent the first 20 years of his life figuring out what he was good at. At 48 years old, he considered himself a “terrible employee”⁠—one who doesn’t like scaling businesses. He wanted to be an entrepreneur who masterminds a business instead. 

He has a passion for interacting with people at all levels and has a vision of trying to help them advance. Consulting has been intuitive to Ed. The only challenge was finding how to monetize his skills. 

Advancing Businesses Rather Than Oscillating

Ed defines “oscillating” in business as sitting in a rocking chair. It is moving, maybe further forward or may even go backward. But in reality, the business is still where it was. 

Ed vowed to help organizations advance. He devised several ways to assist decision makers. He says the most important thing a business owner should do is simplifying complex problems. 

“Simplifying things gives people permission to do what they should do or what they should have done anyway.” – Ed Eppley

The next would be identifying if the current talent pool is in line with company culture. The third one is helping the CEO, almost at any level, to have the courage to finally make the decision. 

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