On today’s episode, spouses Adam and Kerry Anderson joins us to share their success story in balancing family and business affairs. They are the founders of Whole Life Entrepreneurship, which aims to bring personal lessons learned to other entrepreneurial families to ultimately help them lead better, more fulfilled lives.

The Entrepreneurial Spouse

Adam and Kerry Anderson are the founders of Whole Life Entrepreneurship. They came up with this idea when their business almost ended their marriage.  They struggled for years with feelings of isolation, stress, and fear — all while running a business and a family. 

Kerry wrote a book called “In Bed with the Business: The Entrepreneurial Spouse’s Survival Guide.” The book aims to help other families understand what it takes to move from a place of nonstop conflict — to a partnership that enriches, enhances, and empowers.

“For me, none of these matters on this green Earth if you don’t have relationships. If there was something that’s taking precedent on our relationship, we have bigger problems.” – Kerry Anderson

Is Your Spouse on Board?

Success Story of an Entrepreneurial Spouse | Ep. 050Adam and Kerry Andersen

Adam shared his experiences when he was teaching MBA courses. He was warning his students to carefully consider their actions before taking a leap in business, especially if their spouses are not on-board with them. Likewise, in terms of marriage, Kerry shared that wives signed up for a “partnership” and not single-parenthood. 

“The thing that we discovered is that we built walls between our different realities. We have realities what a family would look like, we have realities about what business was. “ Adam Anderson

The spouses shared the friction points of their relationship. Most of it involved misalignment of calendars and differences in priorities. The entrepreneur is focused on making a sale whilst the homemaker believes there are more important things at home to give attention to. 

Importance of  Striking A Balance

As soon as entrepreneurs realize that family and businesses should both have a positive culture, the sooner he can strike a balance between the two. 

“By not being intentional what the culture that were creating inside of both our companies and in our family, we are setting up unnecessary strife and conflict and friction.” – Adam Anderson

Husband and wife Adam and Kerry Anderson have wonderful success stories to share in this episode. They also talk about how they settle differences and improve communication to meet demands for both their family and their business. Both believe that you can have a successful business and a successful relationship without having to sacrifice either.

Download and listen to Success Story of an Entrepreneurial Spouse to learn more. Remember to let Adam and Kerry know you heard about him on Culture Eats Strategy with Jaime Jay!

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