Turn a Business Around: Creating a Culture Based on Gratitude | Diane Gardner 042

Certified tax coach and bestselling author, Diane Gardner, talks about how standing out contributes to overall business health. She developed an incredible company culture based on gratitude. Aside from her amazing management skills, entrepreneurs can greatly benefit from some of her tax strategies in this semi-coaching session.

What’s Beyond the Comfort Zone

Turn a Business Around: Creating a Culture Based on Gratitude | Diane Gardner 042

Diane’s has considerably amazing management skills. Her clients greatly benefitted from her tax strategies. In fact, her clients have a total combined savings of over $3,151,006 to-date — hard-earned profits these clients would have given to the government by overpaying taxes.

In the past, Diane found herself pushing her limits during the recession. She hung on by fingernails as many of her clients were going out of business. As her monthly revenues dwindled, she contemplated how to get through with her five employees and a newly purchased commercial building.

“My business coach challenged me to start thinking outside the box—start looking at accounting from a different mindset and start being able to work outside our geographical area.” – Diane Gardner

Diane started to do things differently. She knew she had to stand out among the general accounting practitioners so she found her own niche. Her business coach encouraged her to write a book, too! Aside from the challenge of writing and promoting it, she knew she had to re-do her support team.

Turning the Business Around

Diane faced a lot of resistance the moment she decided she needed a better culture in the office. Most of her tax planners and bookkeepers thought that she was nuts for executing “non-sense” customs. However, Diane was on a mission to implement a company culture that will transgress to client satisfaction.  

“I went from being more of a traditional accounting office to an office where our culture is completely based on thankfulness and gratitude.”  – Diane Gardner

The Thank-you-gram and Extra Mile Token

Employee productivity and motivation are way up with Diane’s newly implemented customs. Two of these employee motivators is the “Thank-you-gram”⁠, where she personally writes thank you notes to employees, clients, and acquaintances⁠.

The second motivator is theExtra Mile Token”, where an employee can give their exemplary peers a token. They can exchange it for a paid free hour of work. 

Download and listen to Turn a Business Around: Creating a Culture Based on Gratitude to learn more. Remember to let Diane know you heard about her on Culture Eats Strategy with Jaime Jay!

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