How do you keep your personal and business data secure? To parents, what are the challenges of raising tech-savvy kids? In today’s episode, Jaime talks with former White House Senior Advisor for Privacy Marc Groman about the important practices in a world that revolves around technology and the Internet.   

“Data security, protecting information and respecting people’s data has to be set from the top.” – Marc Groman

Empowering Leaders Through Data

Understanding Tech, Data Privacy and Security | Marc Groman 023

Marc is an internationally recognized expert in privacy and information risk management. He is a graduate of Tufts University and Harvard Law School. He served in the Obama Administration as Senior Advisor for Privacy and led the former president’s Cybersecurity National Action Plan. 

Today, he helps government and business leaders on complex, data-driven initiatives. He also teaches cybersecurity at a law school and has his own podcast, that is focused on helping MTV parents understand modern kids. 

What is Information Security?

Many years ago, the idea of security was simple. People hire guards and use security devices to protect their physical stores or products. Nowadays, it has evolved into something rather more complicated with the rise of the Internet. 

“Data security is absolutely critical. It is critical even for a small startup.” – Marc Groman

Security is not to be undervalued. According to Marc, a small business could be two people running a business from their home. Their marketing, sales, and other initiatives could fill their database with 50 million customers.

Security is not just an issue for big companies. Small businesses must also take into account the security of the data they possess. It is not only the right thing to do but is also a good business strategy.  

Security from Top to Bottom

Communication is key in relaying the importance of security across an organization. From top executives to entry level employees, it is important to bake security and privacy right from the beginning. 

“Privacy and security must be reasonable for the size of your business and the kinds of data you collect.” – Marc Groman

Startups may not have the same amount of investment in security as big enterprises. Still, it is critical that they allocate some of their resources early on. As businesses grow, good security practices must also be kept before it is already too late.

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