Leaders’ awareness of their thoughts can put their business in a better position. It also can encourage the entire team to work together with the same mission and passion for success. Today, Mariana Ruiz discusses what culture has to do with business impact and shares tips to restart a team.

“Each employee has a gold star magic that is moving the whole mission forward.” – Mariana Ruiz

Helping Businesses to Create Impact 

What Culture Has to Do with Business Impact | Mariana Ruiz 027

Mariana is a serial entrepreneur, international bestselling author and certified business coach. She has a background in brain science, hospital administration, and 12 years of marketing, sales, and business experience.

“I really love what I get to do, which is all about helping businesses to make a bigger difference in the world with their work.” – Mariana Ruiz

She empowers businesses to increase their profit and to serve more people around the world. Her podcast, The Impact Driven Entrepreneur, airs on her website, iTunes, Stitcher, among others.

The Human Brain at Work

There are things to understand before diving into company culture. This includes the way that the human brain works. Mariana believes that most of the work that businesses perform starts from the brain.

The brain has three distinct areas. The first is the primitive side which tends to sabotage everything that a person sets to do. The other side is the cerebral cortex which is the rational side. 

Developing Culture from the Inside Out

People come to work with different personalities. These personalities present themselves in either the natural state or the adaptive state.

“We can start with ourselves and be aware that everyone is a good person.” – Mariana Ruiz

According to Mariana, true mastery comes from brain control. Leaders struggle to do that for themselves. They intentionally seek ways to grow the business.

Employees work differently. They always do the same thing according to their job. When they lose motivation, leaders can step in and encourage them to keep going. 

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