Some of you here already know that I have 12 staff members, who are all super friendly and amazing in their own unique ways. But what exactly is organizational culture? Let’s dive into that today with Isaac Tolpin.

“Culture drives all the metrics you probably care about.” – Isaac Tolpin

Transforming Company Training

What is Company Culture? | Isaac Tolpin 003Isaac is a tech entrepreneur, who is on a mission to help brands align their training with human behavior. He’s run large and small organizations. He’s also helped transform the training programs of celebrity influencers and companies.

His success comes from understanding the relationships between business, human behavior, and technology.

What Company Culture Is

People sometimes ask what culture means. They think that they’re already doing it and that they are driving it already. But unless they define it, unless they measure it by some form of standards, they often ignore it.

“Culture is the ethos of an organization. It is the behavior, social norms, and unwritten rules that exist within people.” – Isaac Tolpin

According to him, every organization has a culture. It drives organizations forward and helps retain staff members. The key is to be constant with the kind of culture that you want to uphold.

When you fail to identify and move forward with your culture, you are digressing it. There are no in-betweens in culture. Culture is either getting better or getting worse.

An Inseparable Tandem

Organization leaders, as Isaac shares, cannot create a culture that is different from who they already are. Their everyday behaviors reflect the kind of culture they have. They will look like a hypocrite if they do something different.

“If you don’t know your culture, you don’t know who to say ‘No’ to.”  – Isaac Tolpin

Likewise, you cannot create a culture that does not already exist in your leadership. You cannot move forward with something different from your real self.

Download and listen to What is Company Culture? to learn further about what Isaac has created to help organizations build a unique and positive growth. Remember to let Isaac know you heard about him on Culture Eats Strategy with Jaime Jay!

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