Kindness goes beyond existing norms of communication and connects leaders to teams. Today, Elizabeth Barry shares why kindness in business is a strategy she implements to reinforce a powerful culture.

“Compassionate leadership and empathetic conversations are the start of a new you.” – Elizabeth Barry 

Communicating in Kindness

Why Kindness in Business is a Strength | Elizabeth Barry 025

Elizabeth is a force to be reckoned with in business and marketing. She has worked with entrepreneurs and executives as an exceptional coach and consultant.

“Whenever we go beyond ego, we find and discover who we authentically are inside.” – Elizabeth Barry

She has written two books on ego and vulnerability and has more coming this 2019. EB continues to inspire business leaders all over the world through her work. She has touched many lives through her curation of TEDxHoboken and TEDxHobokenWomen.   

Her recently released book, The Kind Communicator, is a must-read for leaders who desire to leave a great and lasting legacy.

Kindness as Strength

Elizabeth believes that communication is the biggest piece of everything. When there is a breakdown, there is a breakdown in communication. So it is with leadership.

Leaders who communicate in kindness own their weaknesses. They acknowledge and love everything about themselves, including their flaws. It is a strength which not everybody is willing and able to build.

How to Lead with Kindness

Leaders who have no faith in themselves find it difficult to lead people. They struggle in giving their team with a good sense of direction.

“Our legacies are being created every day as leaders and that’s why kindness is more of a strength.” – Elizabeth Barry

Elizabeth shares that it takes a long time to accept your self completely, but it is the first step toward becoming a strong leader.

Download and listen to Why Kindness in Business is a Strength to learn more. Remember to let Elizabeth know you heard about her on Culture Eats Strategy with Jaime Jay!

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